Evergreen Healing Touch

Providing a holistic approach to health and wellness through Massage Therapy, Wellness Consultations, and Aromatherapy.


Do you suffer from?

-Stress or Tension



-Depression or Anxiety

-Discomfort from sitting for long periods (traveling,working at a computer)

-Sport or Auto Injury pain

-Tight Muscles, or painful joints (arthritis)


If so, massage therapy is an effective treatment to help alleviate and manage these ailments.

Healing benefits of massage include:

-Restore energy

-Reduce Fatigue

-Increase Mobility

-Strengthen Immune System

-Decrease Pain

-Decrease Stress and anxiety

-Increase Circulation

-Enhance quality of sleep

-Improve Concentration


As a Licensed Massage Practitioner I shall develop a personalized massage therapy treatment program that will support your path to healing and wellness. Each treatment is customized to your needs. Whether you are looking for effective treatment of soft tissue injuries, performance sports massage, care and support during pregnancy, or a restorative break from your day.


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Most Insurance Accepted, as well as MVA personal injury Claims.




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